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As part of the Wisconsin CDL license requirements, motorists must obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) through the State Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before they may operate a Class A, B or C commercial vehicle. To qualify for a CDL, however, motorists must already hold a valid Class D driver’s license. To get a CDL drivers license for operating commercial vehicles, qualifying applicants must first visit a DMV Customer Service Center to present their Class D licenses and complete one or more knowledge tests. If obtaining a Hazardous Materials endorsement, applicants must also present evidence of their U.S. citizenship or legal status. If applicants receive a passing score on their knowledge tests, they must completean application and pay a fee to obtain their commercial driver learner permit (CLP). Before getting a commercial drivers license, motorists must hold their CLPs for at least 14 days prior to taking the road skills test and applyingfor the full CDL. However, permits remain valid for 180 days, and motorists may renew them if necessary.

To obtain a full CDL license in Wisconsin, permit holders must schedule their driving exams with an approved third-party testing station. These tests generally include a vehicle inspection, basic controls skills test and an on-road driving exam. After passing the exams, motorists may apply for their full commercial licenses by visiting anearby DMV Customer Service Center. Then, they must complete an application, submit the results of their skills tests and provide proof of U.S. citizenship.

How to Get a Commercial Driver's License in Wisconsin

Wisconsin CDL license requirements can appear daunting but in actuality they are quite straightforward. Before applying for a CDL drivers license, you must decide which kind of commercial vehicle you want to drive.

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Wisconsin Motorcycle Endorsements

If you would like to ride a motorcycle, you must obtain a valid motorcycle endorsement at the DMV. With proper education, complete the process seamlessly.

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Wisconsin ID Cards

If you choose not to obtain a license to drive in Wisconsin, you can apply for an identification card, instead. Proof of identity is a daily necessity.

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How to Replace a Wisconsin Drivers License

If your drivers license was lost or stolen, you must replace it as soon as possible. A replacement Wisconsin license is available online or in person.

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Renewing Your Wisconsin Driver License

In the state of Wisconsin, you can renew your license to drive within 30 days of expiration. Prepare the required documents for license renewal with ease.

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Obtaining a New Drivers License

If you are ready to apply for a drivers license in Wisconsin, prepare the required documents, including proof of identity, and schedule your DMV exams.

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Getting a Wisconsin Learners Permit

Before you can obtain a Class D drivers license in Wisconsin, you must fulfill the learners permit requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation.

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Drivers Test in Wisconsin

If you are ready to apply for a drivers license, you must make appointments with the DMV to take a knowledge exam, a road skills test and a vision screening.

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Reinstating a Suspended Drivers License

Following a license suspension in Wisconsin, compile the proper documents, prepare the designated fee and take the final steps to reinstate you drivers license.

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Driver License Change of Address

If you recently relocated, it is important to update the address on your drivers license. Bring proper proof of residency to the DMV location nearest you.

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Change Name on a Drivers License

If you recently went through a change of name event, make sure to update the name on your drivers license at a nearby Wisconsin DMV customer service center.

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