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Personalized License Plate Information and Application

When you purchase or lease a new car in Wisconsin, you will also go through the vehicle registration process. Did you know the main identifier of your vehicle in the state is your license plate? Thousands of drivers opt to design their own personalized license plates (also known as vanity plates). If you are interested in learning how to apply for a personalized plate, continue on below.

How to apply for a WI vanity plate

In order to complete the personalized license plate application process in Wisconsin, there are several steps you must take, including:

  1. Choosing your license plate characters.
  2. Deciding between capital letters and numbers.
  3. Selecting a meaning for your request, and identifying what your plate represents.
  4. Reviewing personalized plate message availability.
  5. Providing a certificate of registration, or complete vehicle description.
  6. Filling out a Title Application MV11 (if the car is not titled in your name).

Fees for a Personalized Wisconsin License Plate

Once you have decided on the characters that will be used to create your vanity plate, and have gathered the required driving records associated with your vehicle, the last step in the process is to gather the associated fees:

Send a check payable to “Registration Fee Trust” along with your application to:


Special Plates Unit

P.O. Box 7911

Madison, WI