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Records Search or Document Reproduction Order

If you are interested in obtaining the public records or documents produced by a business or entity in Wisconsin, you can do so via the Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Corporate & Consumer Services. In order to complete your request, continue on to the sections below.

Form Fields Required

If you’d like to file a request for a records search or document reproduction order, you must fill out the designated form and have ready:

Fees for Records Search or Document Reproduction Order

If you would like expedited service for your records search or document order, you can indicate this request on your form. Note that expedited service costs $25.

Additional fees to file your request are broken down based on what you require:

Where to Send Requests

Once you have completed the required form fields on your Records Search or Document Reproduction Order and have designated which records or reports you need, you can proceed with sending your request. Make out a check with your total fees to “Department of Financial Institutions” and mail the payment, along with your completed form to:

Department of Financial Institutions

Division of Corporate & Consumer Services

P.O. Box 7846

Madison, WI 53707-7846