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Fishing in Wisconsin

Whether you’re looking for an escape from reality, or an activity that can host fellow, like-minded anglers, consider planning a fishing outing in Wisconsin. A day on the water, whether solo or accompanied, has proved to do great wonders, and is known as a therapeutic activity for many. Wisconsin is home to thousands of lakes, along with access to different Great Lakes waterways, so there’s plenty of fresh catch to go around. Below, you’ll learn more information on:

Fishing Licenses for Residents

If you are a resident of Wisconsin and love to fish, you should consider obtaining a fishing license, so you can have unlimited access to the state waterways each year. There are several options at your disposal, including:

Fishing Licenses for Nonresidents

If you are a visitor of the state of Wisconsin, and are in search of a fishing excursion to the Great Lakes or inland, you can purchase a nonresident fishing license. Options for nonresident fishing licenses include:

Discounted and Free Fishing in Wisconsin

There are several opportunities and times that allow for reduced-price or free fishing in Wisconsin. You may already be eligible to receive this perk, but not even know it yet. Instances that call for reduced fishing or free fishing include:

Types of Fish in Wisconsin

Anglers in Wisconsin have a vast variety of destinations in which to fish. Bodies of water available to fisherman include different lakes, streams, rivers and ponds, with an abundance of several aquatic species up for the catch. Did you know there are 15,000 charted lakes in Wisconsin? The Department of Natural Resources provides a lake locator tool online so you can peruse which lakes are ideal for line casting. Along with the thousands of lakes located in The Badger State, there are 16 signature fish species in which to reel, including: