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The state of Wisconsin offers residents different opportunities to hunt throughout the state. The hunting season allows for you to obtain a hunting license that is valid from April 1 through March 31 each year. Below, find more information on:

Signing up for Hunter Safety Courses

If you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, you are required to enroll in a hunter safety course before you can apply for a license to hunt in Wisconsin. If you are a recreational safety student, you are required to obtain a Wisconsin DNR Customer ID Number prior to enrolling in any type of recreational safety course. Once you obtain your Customer ID Number through the Department of Natural Resources, you will be able to review hunter safety courses online.

With your Customer ID Number handy, you will be able to visit the DNR’s online portal of upcoming recreational safety education classes. Then, you can select from the class type (hunter safety course) and browse the available classes either on a state level, or countywide.

Types of Resident Hunting Licenses

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offers a convenient online shopping cart, so you can purchase your hunting license with ease, and get to the great outdoors to target different species of game. Below is a list of the most commonly purchased hunting licenses in Wisconsin (you can find information on Wisconsin fishing licenses on the designated Wisconsin Fishing page):

Hunting Permits

In the state of Wisconsin, the harvest of certain animals is regulated through a special permitting system. Known as harvest permits, or kill tags, you must submit an application and be drawn as the winner. Species that require a harvest permit include:

You can submit your kill permit application by visiting a DNR Service Center, by going in person to a license sales location, by using the Online Licensing Center or via phone.

Species to Hunt

In Wisconsin, there are many different walks of wildlife in which to hunt. Whether you’re into large game or birds, there are several species residing. Below, find a list of the different types of species you can hunt in Wisconsin: